The Maghrib prayer (Arabic: صلاة المغرب‎‎ ṣalāt al-maġrib, '"West [sun] prayer"), prayed just after sunset, is the fourth of five formal daily prayers (salat) performed by practicing Muslims.
This prayer is based on total seven Rakaats. Here is the detail of the Rakaats given below!

Three Rakaats Fard
Two Rakaats Sunnah Al Muakkada
Two Rakaats Nafl
Fard Rakaats are obligatory to offer under the Islamic teachings like the Quran and Hadith. If one does not offer the Fard Prayer, will be punished by Allah Almighty after the death and on the day of judgment.

Sunnat al Muakkada is the sunnah performed regularly by Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). So, these Rakaats are also mandatory to offer.

The Nafl is optional. If one performs the Nafl will be rewarded by Allah Almighty, and if does not offer, then there is no punishment for that. But it is better to get additional rewards by Allah Almighty.
At the time of Maghrib, Muslims break their fast in the Holy Month of Ramadan. So, the Maghrib Prayer is important in this sense also that Allah decided the time of Maghrib for breaking the fast. After observing the fast through the whole day, Muslims break their fast by eating and drinking the food items at the time of evening prayer that is Maghrib.
So, that is all about the Maghrib Prayer and its benefits. The biggest benefit of offering the prayer is finding Allah’s concession. Allah and Allah’s Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) please to the persons who offer the five prayers daily on time. And there is a big reward for those Muslims. All of the Muslims are taught to offer all prayers facing the Qibla (Kaaba).

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