Fasting the Day When the Earth was Expanded

Verse 30, Chapter 79 (al-Nazi’at), reads, "And the earth He expanded thereafter." The Arabic word used with reference to the earth's expansion is daha. On p. 122, Vol. 94, of Bihar al-Anwar, and also on p. 101 of al-Saduq's Thawab al-A’mal, Ahmed ibn Idris quotes al-Ash’ari quoting Ahmed ibn al-Husayn quoting Abu Tahir ibn Hamza quoting al-Washsha' saying that he, then a young man, was once in the company of his father when they ate supper with Imam al-Rida (as) on the 25th of Thul-Qi’da.

The Imam (as) told us that that night was the night during which Prophets Ibrahim and Jesus son of Mary, peace be upon them, were born, and also when the earth was expanded from underneath the Ka’ba, in addition to some other attribute relevant to it which I never heard from anyone else, adding, "Whoever fasts during its day will be regarded as though he had fasted for full sixty months."

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