The performer of this type of Hajj is called a Mufrid. This type of Hajj does not include ‘Umrah. Only the Ihram for Hajj is put on. The residents of Makkah and Hilli (This is the area beyond the limits of Haram but within the limits of Miqat. Certain acts which are Haram within Haram are Halal here. The people who live in this area are called Hilli.), i.e. those living between Haram area and Miqat (e.g. the people of Jeddah) perform Hajj Ifrad.

Hajj Ifrad Consist of the Following:

- Hajj without umrah.
- Person is called a Mufrid.
- Enter into Ihram with niyah for Hajj only.

* Animal sacrifice is optional.
* Not to perform umrah during the Hajj months of the same year.
* On arrival in Makkah the pilgrim performs Tawaaf-al-Qudoom (welcome tawaaf). This is optional, as the pilgrim may go direstly to mina on the 8th of Dhul-Hijja from his meqaat.
* The sa’ee for the Hajj may also be performed with this tawaaf. If it is done here, it places the pilgrim in the same position as the qariin, with regards to the order of changing his niyah to tamattu.
* The mufrid must remain in the state of Ihram no matter how long the period between his arrival Makkah and Hajj may be.
* The pilgrim is alloweed to change his/her Ihram with clothes that are clean ( not normal clothes for men, but another ihram)
* This Hajj is for those living in Makkah or those within the meqaat area.(see surah 2:196)
* If circumstances permit ( time and one chooses to sacrifice), the Mufrid can change his niyah from Ifrad to Qiran or Tamattu. If he does this, then he should follow the rules accordingly, as described previously. Residents of Makkah cannot change their niyah.

There is the same manner of putting on Ihram for both Hajj and ‘Umrah. However, there is a slight difference in intention and its wording. - See more at: http://sachiidosti.com/forum/showthread.php/110911-Types-of-Hajj-(Hajj-ki-Kismen)#sthash.wXz0ZcbX.dpuf

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